Gantt chart and improvements BPMN engine in the new version Citeck ECOS 3.5.0

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Digital platform Citeck ECOS has been updated to version 3.5.0 in Enterprise and Community editions.

Earlier in October, the third version released with updates in done to integrate with 1C. Now Citeck ECOS has a full 1C connector with extended possibility of two-way exchange of documents with the contractors and partners.

The main innovation in the ECOS Community is the integration of two technological concepts of modeler business processes BPMN and case management in Citeck ECOS. So that any system administrator can resolve any problems without programming skills.

As a result, for almost two months in the ECOS Community were fixed 32 errors and implemented more than 40 tasks.

The full list of updates can see in done”>the project improvements.

download-community-version/”>Download Citeck ECOS Community.

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