Released a new version of Citeck ECOS: Enterprise and Community

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We released a new version of Citeck ECOS 3.4.0. Software update contains many improvements. Citeck ECOS improved its performance by a total of 10%.  Loading and proccesing of information became faster by 40%.

In Enterprise:

  • Added reporting from logs on JasperReports
  • Added task execution through E-mail client
  • Simplified the configuration of the integrated Dia doc Service
  • New ability is receiving and sending mechanism documents

And many differents tools. Total fixed more than 14 bugs. And more about Citeck ECOS Enterprise.

In Community fixed 35 bags. Case management localized for user events and added а new case cards “Support for displaying arbitrary forms”.

  • In Contract Management added default route «confirmation by Director»
  • Added a new component to the choice of related documents through the logs
  • Implemented a new cardlet «Upcoming Birthdays»
  • Document journals had been optimized. Added new «Task performance statistics»
  • Support for selecting multiple values in filters

The full list of updates can see in done”>the project improvements.

download-community-version/”>Download Citeck ECOS Community.

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