Planning and conducting meetings in one window on the Alfresco ECM platform


Аutomatic notification of the meeting participants

Easily plan and conduct meetings

Сontrol tasks and performers

Тake minutes in real time and automatically send them to participants


Convenient meeting card

All the documents, employees, minutes and decisions related to the meeting are stored in one card. You could go back to it at any moment: before the meeting, to revise the questions, or after the meeting, to check if the tasks were completed.

File storage

All the documents: reports, plans and offers could be added to the card before or right at the time of the meeting. This way the responsible employee could estimate how long the meeting would take and set the priorities. Every other employee has the access to these documents as well.

Selecting participants and meeting agenda

It only takes several minutes to select and invite the meeting participants. Special form is used for selecting organization employees, as well as assigning repot topics and meeting agenda. Invitations to the meeting are sent out automatically. The meeting preparation process will not proceed to the next step, until selected employees confirm that they reviewed the upcoming meeting.

Meeting minutes

Taking meeting minutes is an integral part of any meeting. The system allows recording all the meeting results and decisions that were made. All this information will be available at any time in the future.

Meeting minutes approval

After the minutes are prepared, the meeting participants may approve them. There is a button for this - "send to approval". After choosing the approving individuals, they get a notification e-mail and new tasks on their task panel.

Define, control, and execute the tasks

During or after the meeting you could appoint the task executors. The person in charge controls all the defined tasks, and the performers are notified. The list of tasks and performers is available in the meeting card.

Event history

All the events are stored in the meeting card: starting with meeting organization and ending with minutes dispatch.

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