Automatic system for loan application consideration process

Case management system based on the open source Alfresco ECM platform.

  • Reduces the duration of loan application consideration process
  • Sets the loan consideration proccess on the flow


The period of application consideration is twice reduced

Centralized clientele profiles

Transparent document and executives control system

Easy and convenient access to the documents on every stage of application consideration process

What does it do?

Loan origination solution in Citeck EcoS is based on the notion, that every client and his/her properties (financial reliability, guarantor presence, family status, and joint income) is a case that needs to be handled. The case also includes financial organization employees that are responsible for loan approval and the document package that is necessary for the case evaluation.

How does the Loan Origination work?

Application processing

The loan consideration usually begins with the application. At this stage, the client profile is created (or the application is attached to the already existing one) and the new case is being formed. Now all the profile documents (or some of them) are available for the users with the specific access rights. The types of documents used in the case could be configured without the need to develop the process from the scratch.

Document upload

Documents could be uploaded either manually, or through open source software Ephesoft scan. The type of the document could be selected.

Business process of the loan processing

The business process depicted below describes further application case consideration. If necessary, it could be corrected by the administrator using a convenient visual process editor. Every new stage of the case requires specific documents, expert approvals, decisions of the performers. If those requirements are not met, the case process cannot proceed to the next level.

Extended integration opportunities

In order to accelerate the process, the system could be integrated with other informational systems, such as 1C, SAP, MS Active Directory, as well as the credit bureau and the specialized bank software

System interface

Client profile

All the client data, as well as current status and stage of the application consideration is contained in the card. This approach helps to get all the necessary information for making a decision fast and all in one place.

"Documents" tab

This tab contains the list of documents necessary for the application consideration process. Some of them could have permission rights settings. The system is keeping track on the obligatory documents attached, and otherwise will not proceed to the next stage. All the documents that have not been uploaded yet are highlighted with red.

Event history

The case processing history, its every stage and the involved performers are displayed in the document card tab "History".

Automation of other banking processes

Automation of banking processes

In addition to sending the system allows to automate another internal processes:

  • Full advanced replayment
  • Partial advanced Repayment
  • Loan restructuring process
  • The Deposit return
  • Deposit insurance
  • Incoming correspondence
  • outgoing correspondence
  • Internal documents
  • etc
  • Additional system options

    • Application consideration workflow in the BPMN notation
    • Branch limits management
    • The unified interface for the application data, loaner documents and tasks management
    • Uploading documents with the drag’n’drop interface
    • Obligatory documents availability control on every stage of the process
    • Loan contracts and other documents are created automatically using templates
    • Integration with the bank software and the credit bureau

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