Contract Management

A unified corporate solution for contract workflow management based on Alfresco ECM open source framework


Faster contract creation with ready-to-use templates

Centralized document storage

Control task performance at each stage

Connect contracts to other documents (invoices, acts, additional agreements)


A single register of contracts

All information about contractual documents, both created and uploaded, is stored in the single contract register. The solution features logs for all types of contractual documents (contracts, addendums, payment documents etc). The number of logs is unlimited. You can use column view settings to change the log form by adding or deleting columns. Time spent on searching for the necessary document or viewing selected data is reduced due to the ability to filter contracts by selected criteria (contractor, currency etc). Filtered log data can be exported to an external database as .xls or .pdf files.

Contract term management

Citeck EcoS – Contract Management helps automate workflows, including contract subscription, prolongation, termination, and term management. On expiration date contract parties receive e-mail notifications reminding them to prolong or terminate the contract.

Contract performance monitoring

Contract performance monitoring is one of the most urgent tasks in an organization. Citeck EcoS allows users to automate this process. The contract performance process can be divided in several stages where the system creates invoices and closing documents in the end of every stage. In addition users that are involved in the contract performance will receive the notification. What is more the contract performance monitoring can be set in such a way as to create automatically a new stage and the documents to its ending. For example, this option is very useful for monthly service contracts. In this case Citeck EcoS takes over full responsibility and reminds Contractors of necessary actions after a settable time.

Products and Services Guide. Invoice and closing document creation

Contract almost always are followed by invoices and closing documents. Citeck EcoS allows to create both types of documents using the templates established by the company. Also the system contains the prepared P&S guide that can be filled in by the system users. You can create invoices and acts by populating with some parts from the G&S guide.

Efficient search for contracts, invoices, and closing documents

The solution features contract search based on any attribute from a document registration card or on the full text of a contract fragment. Contract logs include an additional option to filter documents by a given parameter.

Flexible contract approval workflow

Citeck EcoS – Contract Management allows to automate standard contract approval workflows or complete custom one-off tasks. For instance, the approval of procedural agreements is carried out according to a pre-defined scenario, which includes an option to control approval terms and approvers' actions at each stage of document processing. The solution allows to alter approval terms, list of approvers or to launch an additional approval workflow. In order to minimize risks connected with failure to implement or inadequate implementation of contract provisions regarding payment, the system features an option to approve acts or pro forma invoices. System users can create payment documents, modify, approve, track approval progress, and control the observance of payment terms, according to their permissions.

Involvement of the contractor in the approval process

In contract approvals involving the participation of the contractor a lot of time is usually spent on collection, analysis, and implementation of comments on the text. To speed up these tasks, the contractor is given the opportunity to work on the contract directly in the system. Text editing is performed online with version tracking. Contractor's access rights and actions are specified in pre-defined rules.

Printing the approval sheet

In Citeck EcoS – Contract Management the document approval sheet is formed and sent to the printer automatically, based on a pre-defined form.

Storing appendices and contract files

In Citeck EcoS – Contract Management all files pertaining to the contract are directly attached to the document card. Such documents are stored in the system, and the main properties of a document are registered in the corresponding log. Accompanying documents can be edited, used as a basis for creating an assignment, or sent to approval.

Creating contracts based on templates

Creation and processing of standard contracts is simplified by templates. The template feature uses previously defined templates to create documents in Microsoft Word or PDF format and populate them with data from the contract card, such as contractor's, subscriber's or company details.

Viewing the contract and all linked documents without downloading

Citeck EcoS – Contract Management allows to preview the text of the contract and all linked documents from the document card.

Comparing contract versions online

In Citeck EcoS – Contract Management you can compare and check contract versions online, directly in the web interface. Any modification of the document will create a new version, featuring the time of creation and name of version author, while all the changes will be highlighted.

Control of contract access rights

Citeck EcoS – Contract Management allows to flexibly customize document processing rules and manage contract access rights based on users' positions and roles by document types or by roles in the document approval process. It also allows to grant access to contract card or contract files only, and customize access settings.

Creating contract assignments

Contract approval process typically includes requesting or clarifying missing information. Citeck EcoS – Contract Management resolves this problem by introducing an opportunity to create contract assignments. A user can issue an assignment to an employee directly from the contract card (by means of company directory), specifying the deadline and priority of the task.

Stages of the contract execution

The functionality of the case management used in Citeck EcoS allows dividing the approval, signing and execution of the contract into different stages. Every stage could contain the specific set of conditions (uploading of the necessary documents, their approval, payment control, etc.). Without satisfying those conditions, the transition to the next stage is impossible.

Business requirements

Business requirements are the set of conditions conducting the case or its stage. Due to the support of the business requirements, the administrator easily manages the contract execution process. For example, the process could be set up in such a way, that the system forms the pack of closing documents and send it to approval 3 days before the end of a contract stage. Until the approval is executed, the process will not continue.

Mobile access to the documents with iOS and Android

Modern mobile technologies allow viewing and approving the documents, and creating assignments in the Citeck EcoS Contract Management system.

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