Citeck ECOS Community – is a comprehensive solution with the functionality of ECM and Dynamic Case Management.


Citeck ECOS Community is a new solution with the open source code for managing corporate content and cases based on Alfresco ECM platform. This version is available through free download under LGPL license and doesn’t require any payment. Citeck ECOS Community is perfect for IT specialists and developers who would like to set up and support the system. With the help of the system you can:

  • Citeck ECOS Community helps with managing the corporate content of any kind, as well as implements the advanced features of case management and business process management;
  • Managing contract documentation of the company (including approval, signing and performing contracts, as well as invoices and closing documents);
  • Creating, registering, controlling and executing incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as managing internal document flow of the company;
  • Storing and structuring content of any kind, as well as managing permission rights;
  • Creating and performing basic cases (for example, the execution of the contract could be broken down into stages, with each containing the list of necessary documents, participants and tasks).

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Below you can find links for our user guides and other necessary information, as well as ask us a question about Citeck ECOS Community on Alfresco ECM platform.

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