Business Intelligence System Pentaho BI

Pentaho BI is a business intelligence system, providing two types of analysis:

  • Adhoc-analysis is building analytical reports by business-user on the basis of the data warehouse systems without exporting and conversion. On creating a report, users operate standard business notions (fig. 1,2);


Fig. 1 — Building up an analytical report


a) An example of built-up report


b) An example of possibility to represent and download a report in different formats changing the meanings in the Output Type field (in particular, available formats: PDF, XLS, TXT and others).

Fig.2 (a,b) — Examples of ready reports (Adhoc – enquiries)

  • OLAP – building up analytical reports on the basis of the data exported from the datamanagement systems into the storages (Fig. 3) The preliminary exporting and data aggregation allows building up ad-hoc analytical reports using the data of the current accounting period and the budget as well as historical data.


Fig.3 – Building up reports on the basis of OLAP-cube

Data Sources

As a source can be:

  • Any database with JDBC-driver;
  • CSV-file.

Visual Data Representation in Pentaho

Pentaho can represent data in different ways:

  • Information panels with different interactive graphs.
    Let’s study the example: 10 top customer rating with a regional breakdown (Fig 4). On pressing “Region” button, the pie graphs shows 10 top customers related to this region.


Fig.4 – An example of linked graphs

  • analytical presentation on the basis of cubes for analysis of historical data (Fig. 5)



Fig. 5 – Historical data analysis with a breakdown by years.

  • interactive tool for creating pivot business-tables online by the users (fig. 6).


Fig. 6 — Pivot table on the basis of OLAP-cube. The report can be exported into XLS and CSV files.

  • Possible to incorporate information panels such as Google Maps to show sales outlets with the territory breakdown, e.g., shopping centres with territorial distribution with key indicators. (Fig 7)


Fig.7 – Possibility to incorporate Google Maps for visualizing the breakdown of the business structure

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