Automatic tender management system

The tender management system for medium and large companies.


The period of documentation approval is twice reduced

Centralized document storage

Control the process at any time

Easy-to-use tender management interface

What does it do?

In the Tender Management solution every arranged tender is considered as a case. Tendering authority, tender participants, meetings, events, sets of required documents are case elements. The situation may develop in different ways depending on the participants behavior and documents availability. Tender Management module is built on the basis of Dynamic Case Management (DCM).

How it Works

Application Preparation. Stage I

The group of technical experts is arranged during the first stage. It develops tender and general documentation and submits it for approval. The system creates a card for the "tender request" (or a case profile) which at the initial stage includes, for instance, the following documents: general tender description, contract draft, technical documents, etc.

Tender management on Alfresco platform

Tender Documentation Approval

The next step includes approval of the tender documentation by persons in charge. In order to do that, a member of technical expert group starts the approval workflow by clicking the button "submit tender documentation for approval". A form will open, where you need to fill the required fields and select the approvers.

Tendering Procedure Arrangement. Stage II

At the beginning of this stage a card for the "Tendering Procedure" is created. It includes all the required data of the interested tender participants. Upon tender results, one of the participants will be marked as a tender winner.

Documents Section

Once the card is created, members of the technical expert group include files provided by the tender participants into the Documents section. Those files are also available to the expert panel. The system supports different versions of the documents, thus the documentation could be updated during the tendering process. Technical experts may provide other files (evaluation templates for each approver, etc.) in accordance with the type and kind of the general documentation. Afterwards, the experts download template files from the Documents section, fill them in and attach during approval process.

Documentation Approval. Stage III

At this stage, the member of the technical expert group starts a new workflow. All selected approvers receive a notification by email. Using downloaded templates experts fill them in and rate tender participants. Also, before (or during) the approval stage, it is possible to start introducing the participants to the tender documentation. Selected individuals will receive a notification by email, get familiar with the documents, and click the respective button.

Tender management on Alfresco platform

Bargaining Procedure

In some cases, you may additionally arrange a bargaining procedure after the tendering process. This procedure is aimed at getting new proposals from existing tender participants (prices, etc.), publishing updated tender documentation and updated expert evaluation templates to the Documents section and submitting them again for approval. This process is similar to the previous stage. At all stages of the tendering process, Actions section (Card tab) displays links "Create Expert Conclusion", "Create Decision", "Create General Conclusion", "Create Final Tender Protocol". By clicking them, you may arrange the documents using specified templates. During the process the documents are signed, scanned and uploaded to the Documents section in accordance with the type of the "General Documentation".

Tender Completion

Once the "Decision" document and the final protocol are uploaded into the system, the tender will change its status to "Tender Complete".

Additional system options

  • Application consideration workflow in the BPMN notation
  • Single window to work with tender documents;
  • Drag’n’Drop interface for document uploading;
  • Control of the mandatory documents availability at different stages of the process;
  • Template-based generation of the documents;
  • Integration with enterprise business software systems.

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