Citeck outsourcing services – offshore software development, software integration, enterprise application development

Citeck company provides services for medium and large businesses and for the governmental bodies to automate business processes, customized software development and to enhance the usage of the existing software to meet the business requirements. Our qualified specialists help our customers to reduce costs and to obtain a competitive advantage by using modern information technologies.

What do we offer?

Citeck specialists offer the following range of services related to the offshore software development and integration, its maintenance and consulting:

Offshore software development
customized software development to meet the individual Customer’s requirements. On developing the software of this kind many factors are taken into account: an organizational structure, specific business activities, relations with other companies, etc. The outcome is an ideal product suitable for solving Customer’s business tasks.
Software Integration Services
software integration with our company’s developments as well as with other products using Mule Enterprise Service Bus. We can enhance an existing system to meet new modern requirements as well as to develop a system from the scratch. Our specialists build up service-oriented architecture (SOA) for the company’s business.
Enterprise Application Development Services
it is ideal for those Customers who prefer ready-made solutions to the individual software development. Our specialists will recommend choosing the best of the available solutions for the business processes automation. We can offer a wide range of software solutions to help increase the efficiency of either a separate company’s division or a whole company. We can help both to install and to set-up the chosen solution in line with your requirements as well as to provide technical support of the software.
Alfresco Development
our experts are widely experienced in developing, implementing and integrating information systems of various complexity based on Alfresco ECM. There are several Alfresco Certified Engineers in our team. In addition to developing unique solutions we also develop our own Alfresco-based solution – Citeck Ecos.

Citeck – our competitive advantages

Citeck is absolutely reliable are trustworthy company as:

  • We have experience in setting up and maintaining the software developed by our company in the Enterprise networks of complexity at a different level.
  • Our specialists are well-qualified and have an excellent expertise that allows not only to reduce the time required for the installation and the set-up but in case of necessity to identify a problem shortly and resolve it in no time.
  • Customized software developed by our company is highly reliable and stable at work. It provides full security for all the information kept for your company.
  • We offer high quality services at attractive prices. You can choose the best optimum option for your business.

The service provided by Citeck will become a valuable asset for the further development of your business. You can form your own opinion by choosing one of our services.

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