We are ready to offer you the following software development contract types:

  1. Fixed Price Contracts.
  2. Time & Material (T&M) contracts.
  3. Fixed Budget Contracts.
  4. Software as a Service (SaaS) Contracts.

Fixed Price Contract

Under such a scheme our specialists together with the customer’s representative define the system requirements and work out Specification with the requirements to the system. All the stages of work, its results, timing and costs are defined in advance and fixed in a contract. The part of work depending on the volumes is prepaid in advance, the rest is after the full completion.

In case serious changes should be implemented into the system for the project, the following approach is suggested: the project is divided into 2 big phases:

  • Information collection, analysis and documentation;
  • System Development and Implementation

The project budget is approximately estimated before the project start-up which is reflected in the Technical Specification. The final estimation is made after finishing the first phase and completing the Requirements Specification to the Software. This approach allows to minimize the project risks (that are also taken into account on estimating the budget for the fixed price projects) as well as project cost by thoroughly estimating the requirements.

Time and Material (T&M)

Provided it is not possible to estimate accurately the extent or duration of the work or to anticipate costs with any degree of confidence of the project, we offer Time and Material scheme, in other words the payment is done for the exact amount of operations performed. In this case the work is divided into small 2-4-weeks stages. Before each stage the tasks are determined and the Time and Activity Sheets are submitted after the completion of the stage. This leads to a working prototype as minimum or as a maximum a new system release ready to use.

Payments are subject to the time spent on the task completion by the project team and are calculated on the basis of an hour rate. Project Management System based on Jira Software is used for monitoring and controlling the time and performance. The Customers’ representatives can get the access to this system in order to monitor and follow the live process.

Fixed budget

Current business requirement to IT are very dynamic and quite often are out-of-date by the time of their completion. Fixed Budget contracts are best suitable for the Change Requirements Management. This type of contracts is a hybrid of the first two models and is great for the Agile Mythology projects.

On starting up the project (or a stage of the project in case of a on a broader scale) the requirements to the system are analysed and estimated that appear to be users’ histories or its variants without to many details for this stage. Taking this into account the fixed budget is determined.

Next the work is divided into small phases, 2-4 weeks each, similar to the projects of T&M. The main difference of the fixed budget contracts is that before each phase the Customer has a possibility to change the priorities and make alterations or add new requirements. Their effects on the budget and on the project terms are also estimated thus we have the possibility to manage the planned workload having the fixed value of the budget, terms and project quality.

Next the collected requirements are detailed to the necessary level for their realization and developed in the framework of its phase. Thus the Customer has the possibility to manage the project scope during its realization similar to the model T&M but with an advantage of knowing the fixed costs and terms before starting up the project.

Software as a service (SaaS)

If the customer does not have IT staff or special premises for servers or if the Customers does not want to have servers located in the office we offer a software as a service model. In this case the system will be hosted centrally on the rented servers installed in the big Data Centers in Russia and abroad (depending on the Customer’s preferences). The Customer pays a “tenant fee” for the using both a system and a server, technical support is included into the fee for whole solution. There is no payment for the installation, however the minimum period for the system usage is defined in the contract depending on the complexity of the installation and is discussed individually.

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