Citeck ECOS

Citeck ECOS  is a comprehensive solution with the functionality of ECM and Adaptive Case Management. Citeck ECOS is based on the open-source Alfresco platform and implements some unique features, such as adaptive case management.

Adaptive case management (or dynamic case management) is an approach to managing the company’s business processes in such a way, that every process is managed as a separate case with key elements. Those key elements could be documents, people, events, processes, etc. The case could also be broken down into stages that could be achieved by meeting specific conditions. This approach helps to achieve the lenient decision-making, unlike the way it is done in traditional systems, thanks to the versatile choice of the elements.

Citeck ECOS comes in two editions – the free-to-use Community edition (distributed under the LGPL licence) and Enterprise – the subscription based edition.

Citeck ECOS Community is perfect for technical enthusiasts and specialists that would like to adjust the system to their needs. This edition includes document and corporate content management, as well as workflows connected to it. The Community edition would also be amazing for medium businesses, because the system administrator or integrator could adjust it to the company’s needs without the need for additional development.

Citeck ECOS Enterprise is the edition with broader functionality. It is suitable for large businesses with wide set of requirements for their processes. Besides the basic features, Enterprise edition includes those for adjusting workflows and business processes. To learn more – visit the Citeck ECOS Enterprise page.

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