Alfresco ECM – Enterprise content management system

Alfresco Enterprise content management system is developed and maintained by the UK company Alfresco Software. Alfresco ECM is the leader on the open-source software market. The system with a user-friendly web interface provides a secure access to public folders and documents from any place in the world allowing effective collaboration on stationary and mobile devices.

Alfresco’s competitive price and open-source software nature are very useful for prospective customers. It is also possible to obtain a high level support, which is an important factor while selecting the enterprise software.

The Alfresco enterprise content management system, being an open source software, can be individually customized and developed to solve all the specific tasks and to reflect all the business processes performed in your organization. One of its main advantages is the absence of licence fees for the system. Another attractive point is its cross platform model that makes it possible to manage client and server by different operation systems such as MS Windows, Linux, etc.

Alfresco enterprise content management system – advantages:

  • No license fees;
  • Solution that does not require complex and very expensive implementation;
  • Wide functionality, additional modules can be developed;
  • No restrictions related to the number of users;
  • Low requirements to the IT resources, possibility to be integrated with any IT infrastructure of the organization;
  • Web access to Alfresco;
  • High security level of the enterprise content system.

The Citeck company offers development, support and maintenance services for Alfresco ECM system. Our architects have the «Alfresco Certified Engineer» certification.

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