Citeck ECOS released with а new design and user improvements: 3.8.0

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The new version of Citeck ECOS has been updated interface design and improved user. Changes occurred in Enterprise and Community.

Added new type of «Individual entrepreneur».

Improved production calendar.

Added ability to coordinate the document through e-mail.

Changed the appearance of the panel BPM for business process modeling.

In total, it was decided more than 40 tasks.

The full list of updates can see in the project improvements.

download-community-version/”>Download Citeck ECOS Community.

Released a new version of Citeck ECOS 3.7.0: easy-to-use

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Digital platform Citeck ECOS has been updated to version 3.7.0 in Enterprise and Community editions. Most of the updates concerned the easy-to-use of the platform and its appearance.

In 2019 we want to create a special ecosystem with the basic concept of business – effective process management. And we have planned make Citeck ECOS easy-to-use.

Total fixed more than 30 bugs. The system productivity has extremely increased due to numerous platform improvements in the new version.

Create case_CiteckECOS

With Citeck ECOS you can execute your workflows and decisions in BPM/DCM engines, integrated with other applications for process automation.

The full list of updates can see in the project improvements.

download-community-version/”>Download Citeck ECOS Community.


New way to launch Citeck ECOS is implemented through Docker

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Now you can launch Citeck ECOS from Docker container. It`s third variation to run ECOS Community.

Earlier we have created Citeck ECOS in a War extension and of virtual image. But with Docker Container the program will run much easier and faster.

Today Docker is a very popular and effective tool for managing a large number of software environments. And we made Docker-image of ECOS Community which is based on CentOS 7. All required software is already installed.

Citeck ECOS Community is available through free download under LGPL license and doesn’t require any payment. This version is perfect for IT specialists and developers who would like to set up and support the system.

download-community-version/Download Citeck ECOS Community.

Gantt chart and improvements BPMN engine in the new version Citeck ECOS 3.5.0

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Digital platform Citeck ECOS has been updated to version 3.5.0 in Enterprise and Community editions.

Earlier in October, the third version released with updates in done to integrate with 1C. Now Citeck ECOS has a full 1C connector with extended possibility of two-way exchange of documents with the contractors and partners.

The main innovation in the ECOS Community is the integration of two technological concepts of modeler business processes BPMN and case management in Citeck ECOS. So that any system administrator can resolve any problems without programming skills.

As a result, for almost two months in the ECOS Community were fixed 32 errors and implemented more than 40 tasks.

The full list of updates can see in done”>the project improvements.

download-community-version/”>Download Citeck ECOS Community.

Released a new version of Citeck ECOS: Enterprise and Community

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We released a new version of Citeck ECOS 3.4.0. Software update contains many improvements. Citeck ECOS improved its performance by a total of 10%.  Loading and proccesing of information became faster by 40%.

In Enterprise:

And many differents tools. Total fixed more than 14 bugs. And more about Citeck ECOS Enterprise.

In Community fixed 35 bags. Case management localized for user events and added а new case cards “Support for displaying arbitrary forms”.

The full list of updates can see in done”>the project improvements.

download-community-version/”>Download Citeck ECOS Community.

The stable version of Citeck EcoS Community 3.2.a released

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We released Citeck EcoS Community 3.2.a RC1 two month ago. The stable version 3.2.a is available for downloading today. We carefully tested system and fixed bugs during last months. Besides that, this release has some changes in interface.

The important developments:

1. The functionality of Adaptive Case Management is now available in Community version.
2. Integration with Flowable BPM Engine. Read more about this in our recent article.
3. Integration with Telegram.
4. Changes in interface: the left menu appeared, the new “create” menu,  the new color scheme,  the employee profile card in organisation structure appeared.

Release notes.
download-community-version/”>Download Citeck EcoS Community.

CIteck EcoS Community 3.2.a RC1 released

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On the eve of the New Year we have released the new version of Citeck EcoS Community. This release is strongly different from others.

What’s news in new version?

  1. The functionality of Adaptive Case Management now is available in Community version. System administrator and advanced users can independently create cases, add tasks and business-process into cases, create checklists. More about Adaptive Case Management read here.
  2. Integration with Flowable BPM Engine. Read more about this in our recent article.
  3. Integration with Telegram. Now you can send data into system, start business-processes, approve contracts, and perform other things by chat bot.

Besides, in this release we realized a lot different developments and improvements. You can see all of them at product page.

download-community-version/”>Download Citeck EcoS Community.

Flowable and Alfresco integration

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A business processes modeling  in BPMN notation is one of the most important tasks when configuring and implementing the Digital Business Platform. St andard components of Alfresco Community have limits and their usage is not always convenient. In this article, we are pleased to present open source realization of Flowable BPM engine and Alfresco ECM integration.

In Alfresco the WorkflowService interface (WorkflowServiceImpl implementation) is provided for managing business processes. In turn, it uses the WorkflowComponent and TaskComponent interfaces to operate processes and tasks. Alfresco offers two interface implementations: based on the JBPM (deprecated) and the new one, based on the Activiti.

Citeck has developed implementation of bpmn-components on the basis of Flowable (actively developing Activiti fork). Unlike Activiti, the database with business processes data is placed in a separate database, in which business processes made up using of Flowable BPMN Modeler are registered through Rest-API.

If the configuration specifies the connection parameters for the external Flowable database, when the alfresco application starts, Flowable bean services are created and the FlowableWorkflowComponent and TaskComponent components are registered via the BPMEngineRegistry. New Flowable business processes (deployed with the Alfresco bootstrap mechanism or published through the Flowable modeler editor) are displayed in the list of available Business process tasks (st andard Alfresco functionality) and on the Process designer tab of the Case in the “Processes” list (Citeck EcoS Adaptive case management functionality). While saving tasks on the Case Process Designer, processes are linked to the alfresco models via the formKey Start Event. If there is no type, the default type and form are applied for saving.

In addition to implementing of business process components, inherited from TaskListener and ExecutionListener interfaces are provided, which can be run on all tasks and processes (interfaces extend GlobalTaskListener or GlobalExecutionListener) depending on the type of events. Likewise, implementations of the TaskListener and ExecutionListener (FlowableScriptTaskListener and FlowableScriptExecutionListener) are provided for executing the business logic through the expression specified in the Listener (for example, javascript).

Integration with Flowable will be available in new version of Citeck EcoS Community 3.2.A RC1. We are going to release the GA version in January, 2018. But you can already download sources here:  and binaries/virtual image here: download-community-version.

All questions about integration you can ask in our forum.
More information about integration in our wiki.


Flowable modeler


Flowable process start form in Alfresco Share interface

What is more, the integration with Telegram messenger is added in new version of Citeck EcoS. We will tell about it in the next article.

New stable version of Citeck EcoS based on Alfresco 5.1 released

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We released new stable version of Citeck EcoS after long summer break. This version based on Alfresco 5.1.f. Citeck EcoS is distributed in 2 editions: Community and Enterprise.

Citeck EcoS Community can be downloaded by download-community-version/.
You can see the changes in the release here.

Citeck EcoS 3.0.2 released

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Despite the fact that the version Citeck EcoS on the Alfresco 5.1 platform has been released a few weeks ago, we still continue to support the older versions. The current releases are Citeck EcoS Enterprise 3.0.2 and Citeck EcoS Community 3.0.d that are working on the Alfresco 4.2.f version.

Citeck EcoS Community can be downloaded by download-community-version/”>link.
You can see the changes in the release here.

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