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Dynamic Case Management (DCM) is a  newish conception for the market of enterprise IT-solutions. The term itself was proposed by Workflow Management Coalition in 2010, however the conception had been used considerably earlier.

The interest in Case Management has significantly grown in recent years. Renowned IT-editions strive to give full coverage of  this issue, more and more often this new term appears in various researches. This denotes that the companies using volatile business processes are increasingly interested in this technology. The ‘Gartner’refers to this concept in its research with increasing frequency.

DCM – is a way to dynamically managed company’s business processes that allows the company to organize an effective cooperation among employees to achieve the goal (i.e. the case), to control and to act on the environment in time and to build up the special library of “best practices” after its completion. These results can be used for the further functionality growth purpose, the behavior and the reaction of the system research.

As the name implies the essential element of the conception is a case to be solved. It may include the large quantity of the elements – persons, events, documents, processes, discussions, etc. The adaptivity means that every case is unique and can keep up with the current situation. To a large extent the interest to the case management is due to the active development of the flexible management approaches. It is not always possible to implement standard unbudging processes in the company and, therefore, the usage of BPM-systems can be limited. In such cases the conception of case management comes to help and it well completes the classic ECM and BPM metho dologies.

It seems to be clear choice, however you need to make an effort to find the working conception of the case management. The Case Management EcoS solution from Citeck is one of a few comprehensive systems that uses the metho dology mentioned above.

Citeck EcoSystem represents a platform for the company’s business processes management. This system is based on the abovementioned adaptive case management approach. It allows to automatize even those processes which are difficult to be formalized in the classic models of business process description. Widely known Open-Sourse Alfresco platform forms the basis for Citeck Case Management EcoS. Citeck Company has been developing this solution for more than 7 years. Major customers are the companies that require the advanced solution. The EcoS platform  is implemented in various spheres – logistics, insurance, finance, production, power industry, etc.

System functionality

Case and its data

As mentioned above, the main element in the system is the case. In Citeck EcoSystem all case data are summarized in one configured dashboard. This approach allows the user to obtain maximum information for minimum time. As an example of case dashboard one may take insurance client’s profile, card of procurement, package of financial documents to be considered and approved.


In such case all data from other systems integrated with EcoS are also displayed on the same dashboard. It significantly saves time for data analysis and decision making. The possibility to integrate with other systems is worth mentioning as a separate point. Data export and import are carried out by structured XML-files. It allows Ecos to integrate with other systems within a short time.

The emphasis is on the result

Unlike BPM-systems, where the process has top priority , the case management (in general) and Citeck EcoS (in particular) look up to the final result. When you need to solve the case, it is not always clear from the very beginning what you should do. Sometimes the process and the elements can be changed during the case solution, and Citeck EcoS maintains the convenient tools for case setting and changing.

Starting the tasks by events

One of the key advantages of Citeck EcoSystem is the possibility to start the tasks, the stages or the whole cases by events. For example, the task can  be started by user’s action or by reaction on some internal or external action.

Company’s business processes editor

The convenient process editor allows to configure the specific process from scratch or to change the existing  one in a short period of time. The users can create tasks, stages and system activities themselves. The system contains the number of pre-configured processes in BPMN notation, which can be used for case creation as well.

Citeck EcoSystem business process editor

Business Requirements

This is a special set of conditions for task, stage or case starting or ending. System administrator has a possibility to set the business requirements for case attributes excluding programming. For example, it is possible to set the control of file attachment before the start of the task.

Focus on Adaptivity

The word “Dynamic” is presented in the conception name for a good reason. One of the most interesting benefits of Citeck EcoSystem is to change the case  for a specified task  in process. Herewith you can always save the case as a template and use it later.

Another important advantage of the adaptivity is to fill the cases as the cases move forward. It will help to avoid expensive analysis of processes before their  adaptation. As you pass the case, you will be able to add new elements to the case in real time and save it as the template. This template can be easily changed later.

This approach is perfect for companies that need flexibility in process management and know the value of time.

Case Management EcoSystem contains ready to use solutions:


Partner Collaboration

The major responsibility of our company is to create new and advanced technologies and to develop computer software using the proprietary and advanced technologies. In this regard we offer our partners an opportunity to maintain and develop the direct contact with prospective Customers of our technologies. We shoulder the most responsible mission – to implement and to bear responsibility for the quality of the completed projects. We put to use the most effective schemes to support our partners while ensuring the competitive B2B environment. In addition to this we provide our partners and B2B customers directly with a range of resources — consultancy, development, technical support for all levels and other services.

We are happy to support, develop and certify those partners who are ready to implement, to elaborate and to maintain the Citeck EcoS platform and its solutions in future.

We offer three levels to big international integrators as well as small companies and individuals who want to participate in  the sales of Citeck EcoS growth. These levels are:

  • The partner is fully responsible for the administration, the configuration and the development of the solutions based on Case Management EcoSystem. In this case we are ready to train the administrators and the developers of the company, and also to offer consultations on every stage of working with the customers.
  • The partner is responsible only for the  system adjustment. According to this model, the responsibility for system adjustment upon the request of the buyer lies on Citeck Company. The Partner takes head on the processes’ review, technical requirements composing and the determination of requirements. The partner also fulfils the administration works and the global configuration of the system. Our specialists work under the platform adjustment to meet the individual Customer’s requirements. In compliance with the current model, we also train the administrators and offer consultations on every stage of working with the Customers.
  • The partner sells only the Citeck EcoS license to the Customers. Our company performs all duties: pre-sale preparation, implementation, possible adaptation and further system support. The partner receives all necessary resources that help to attract the Customers and develop the business relationship.

Regardless of  partnership model we provide our partners with marketing and sales support. If you are interested in becoming our partner, you can apply by clicking  the link.

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