Sheetfed input and recognition based on Ephesoft software

The sheetfed input option in Citeck EcoS solution supports the sheetfed scanners and possibility of the mass input of documents into the system.

In the course of paper copies processing, all incoming documents are scanned and recognized by Ephesoft software solution with the definition of the key fields (for example, name, amount, payment details).

Scanned copies of the documents sorted according to the type of the document are put into the folders created in advance and sections, which combines them into the electronic archive. Where, through the backup features, full safety of all the documentation is assured.


Features of the solution:
  • supporting the sheetfed input, and mass input of documents;
  • scanning and recognition of the documents, defining the key fields by using Ephesoft software solution;
  • barcode recognition;
  • creating the control card for each recognized document;
  • classification and sorting of the documents and other materials in accordance with company regulations for the long-term storage.

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