Routes and business processes

Citeck EcoS system allows you to create simple routes for the document management throughout their life cycle, to simulate and to supervise the implementation of the enterprise-level continuous workflow in the BPMN 2.0 notation

The software solution includes:

  • predefined approval routes and tools to create individual routes using a simple web-based interface;
  • task performance schedules and conditions control, current status displaying on the workflow diagram;
  • complex routing support;
  • visual workflow editor in the BPMN notation;
  • creation of the points of reference for the unregulated workflows.


The key capabilities of the solution are:

  • goal setting, specifying the priorities and deadlines for several executors according to the specified approval routes;
  • parallel and continuous work of the executors within one business process;
  • appointment of the inspectors;
  • delegation of the tasks from one employee to another;
  • event and document deadline notification via e-mail alerts;
  • commenting on the tasks;
  • online document editing;
  • linking in between workflows;
  • reports on the target values of the workflow.

approval rerouting directly during the course of the business process;


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