Organizational structure and delegation. Access permissions

There are various user account settings (submission, management), as well as reference tables (list of departments, positions, a hierarchy of departments), which makes Citeck EcoS system a versatile tool for building a hierarchical tree of the complex organizational and staff company structure.

The organizational structure of the company can either be created directly in the system or imported from a MS Active Directory or the accounting system of the company.


The system supports the configuration and transfer (including temporary ones) of the permissions and responsibilities of a relevant employee for the period of their absence.
It is possible to do the following through the system settings:

  • full delegation of all permissions and functions to the replacing employee;
  • partial transfer of permissions and responsibilities;
  • assignment of roles within the delegation of the corresponding position.

Access Rights

Citeck EcoS system has the function to deposit and handle all the necessary information with the delineation upon the hierarchy of the company and according to the access rights to the certain materials. The solution allows flexible configuration of the access rights, depending on positions and roles of the users:

  • by the groups of users, including the organizational structure;
  • by the roles within the business processes;
  • discrete access to the card and the files;
  • the possibility of the individual access settings to the documents.

All the user activities are recorded in the appropriate system logbooks, allowing to identify the change initiators in case of a disputable situation.

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