Document version management

The functionality of the Citeck EcoS solution allows performing comparison and control of the document versions at all stages of the document processing. The new version of the document can be uploaded to the Citeck EcoS either through the web interface or through one of supported protocols (CMIS, CIFS, FTP, IMAP, etc.), or using online editing in the Office editing software or Google Docs.

Any change in the document will create a new version, with the author and the version number recorded. At the same time, depending on the changes made in the document (significant or not), it will be given the corresponding unique number.


All versions of the document are stored in Citeck EcoS system and displayed in the control card. User can view the required version of the document, make changes, delete, compare with other documents, or download the new version according to the predetermined permissions. Citeck EcoS system allows to compare versions of the documents both online by using the web interface or by using the MS Word software, while all the changes will be highlighted on the comparison screen.