Creating the reportings

Citeck EcoS system implements creation, displaying, and uploading the various types of reporting: created on the basis of data processing by the system directly and using the capabilities of the free software Pentaho Reporting.
The Citeck EcoS system provides the following features for the creation of reporting:
  • uploading the information generated in Citeck EcoS system to external databases;
  • customizing the reporting template;
  • using filters to select relevant data;
  • detalization of the aggregated indicators.

It is possible to generate the following types of reporting, using the data from the Citeck EcoS system:
  • statistical reports on the implementation practices;
  • summary reports on the document processing status;
  • summary reports on the execution of documents;
  • documentation logs, and many others.


To build the relevant reporting, Pentaho Reporting is used as an incremental data upload for documents and processes into an external database from the Citeck EcoS system, as well as reports from Pentaho BI displayed directly in the interface of the Citeck EcoS system.

Almost any BI or reporting class system can be used as a source of raw data to build reports if necessary.

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