Spitamen Bank

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Loan origination process automation in Citeck EcoS on Alfresco platform


About Spitamen Bank:

  • 300 employees;
  • 9 branches.

Why implement the solution:

  • High level of fraud;
  • Difficult to deliver documents to the remote branches;
  • Credit application consideration process is takes too long;
  • Lack of unified tool for application consideration and loaner’s documents management;
  • Difficult to find necessary documents in the paper archive.

Main features of the implementation:

  • Loan application consideration process in BPMN notation;
  • Branches fund limits management;
  • Unified tool to work with application data, loaner’s documents, and tasks;
  • Drag’n’Drop interface to upload documents;
  • Control of the availability of the necessary documents on various stages of the process;
  • Generating loan contracts and other documents from the templates.

Used software and technologies:


Citeck Ecos, Alfresco, java

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