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Citeck EcoS Electronic archive implementation in the logistics company 

Main features:

  • Importing XML file with routes and cargos from the existing logistic system
  • Importing cargo photos and PDF documents
  • Continuous input of the documents and their recognition using Ephesoft software
  • Searching documents by their attributes
  • Settings for document expiration dates
  • Automatic comparison of the documents from different sources
  • Integration with client’s IS (user’s profile, 1C, etc.)

Electronic archive:

  • Import of 10 000 XML files containing info on cargos, and thous ands of PDF documents daily;
  • Current repository volume – 200 GB and more than 4,5 mln documents. The goal – 5 ТB;
  • More than 100 departments for continuous input.


Used software and technologies:

Citeck EcoSAlfresco, java,  Pentaho Reporting

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