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Implementing Citeck EcoS on Alfresco platform in the Maxxium company


About client:

  • Created in 1998 in cooperation with Beam Global Spirits & Wine and The Edrington Group;
  • Present on more than 60 markets around the world;
  • Distributing and promoting more than 100 br ands of premium alcohol, including Sauza, Jim Beam, ABSOLUT, The Famous Grouse, The Macallan;
  • 300 employees in the Russian headquarters.

Main features:

  • Managing contracts and additional agreements life cycle;
  • Filling document cards;
  • Comparing document versions;
  • Document and contractor approval  and confirm workflows;
  • Controlling contract expiration dates;
  • Managing contractors list;
  • Reporting on documents and workflows;
  • Integration with client’s informational software.

Implementation results:

  • 100 users;
  • 500 workflows per month;
  • 100 GB of data per month.


Used software and technologies:

Citeck EcoSAlfresco, java, MS SQL Server, Pentaho Reporting

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+44 203 808 4243