CIteck EcoS Community 3.2.a RC1 released

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On the eve of the New Year we have released the new version of Citeck EcoS Community. This release is strongly different from others.

What’s news in new version?

  1. The functionality of Adaptive Case Management now is available in Community version. System administrator and advanced users can independently create cases, add tasks and business-process into cases, create checklists. More about Adaptive Case Management read here.
  2. Integration with Flowable BPM Engine. Read more about this in our recent article.
  3. Integration with Telegram. Now you can send data into system, start business-processes, approve contracts, and perform other things by chat bot.

Besides, in this release we realized a lot different developments and improvements. You can see all of them at product page.

download-community-version/”>Download Citeck EcoS Community.

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