Generating documents from templates in Microsoft Word

Citeck EcoS system uses templates to create and prepare standard documents in Microsoft Word or PDF format, using the prearranged templates and data from the document card.

Depending on the document type, the system will automatically generate the approval route, calculating the duration of each phase. This approach helps to ensure adherence to the approval regulations for each type of the document by means of the predetermined and accepted procedure of the approval process, as well as to significantly reduce the time of preparation and approval of the standard documentation.


The system supports the creation of the templates for the following types of documents: commercial proposals, tender documentation, contracts, additional agreements, derivative and primary accounting documents, such as bills, acts, invoices, etc. Therefore, using a prearranged template and the data from the electronic document card, this tool allows inserting the data of the contractor, signatory, and company details in the document for standard contracts.