Alfresco architecture

The core of Alfresco ECM is implemented in Java with the help of Spring Framework, and runs an application server (such as Apache Tomcat or JBoss) in Windows operating systems, Linux, or Mac OS X. To store metadata MySQL or PostgreSQL is used for the free version and the Oracle or MS SQL for Alfresco Enterprise Edition, available with the purchase of technical support.

Technical characteristics:

  • User interfaces;
  • Alfresco Share is the main WEB-interface;
  • Alfresco Web Studio development environment for development of the customized user interface on the Alfresco Surf platform;
  • Integration with OpenOffice for conversion of documents;
  • Integration with NTLM and LDAP;
  • Sharepoint protocol support, integration with MS Office;
  • Support of the CIFS, WebDav and FTP protocols;
  • Apache Lucene use for text search;
  • Support of SOAP and REST of web services, CMIS protocol;
  • Possibility of business process management by means of JBoss jBPM.