Contracts approval in Alfresco ECM

Today one of the most requested features of the electronic document management system is the contracts approval. According to our experience, coordination and approval of the contract is one of the most tedious and time-consuming processes in any company, regardless of its size. The implementation of the electronic document management system enables to reduce significantly the time required for approval process as well as the costs (paper, cartriges, employees’ time).

Especially this savings are notable in organizations with remote offices and branches. But even small companies can benefit from the implementation of electronic contract approval and to use internal resources in more effective way.

The contract approval solution has all the advantages of the Alfresco platform:

  • No licence fees;
  • Cross-platform;
  • Solution does not require long-term and expensive implementation;
  • Low requirements to IT  resources;
  • No restrictions to the number of users;
  • High level security for the document management system;
  • User-friendly interface.

The functionality of the Document Management system Alfresco enables you to create, manage, edit, approve and store the documents. With its help you can quickly create any document, assign a scheme of confirmation or approval and easy to control the whole process. The web interface provides the secure access to the company’s documents for the employees working outside the office.

Functional features:

  • Creation of new contracts in the system or upload them from the external devices.;
  • The creation of a contract on the basis of any document by changing metadata set;
  • Approval process management includes automated notifications and reminders by e-mail;
  • Simple web editor for approval process;
  • The ability to add comments in the course of approval;
  • Tracking changes made in a document by creating versions of documents and comments to them;
  • Authorization support;
  • External users can be also included into approval process;
  • Project documentation agreement (the ability to launch an approval process in the framework of a separate project);
  • Web interface — you can remotely connect to the system;
  • Approval process history;
  • Mobile interface (iOS and Android);
  • Archiving approved documents.

The Contract Management system Alfresco is extremely effective for the companies where the number of employees is more than 50 people.